Back-UP: We got your back

Back-UP is a product that seeks to help you be more active when doing sedentary work.

Back-UP is unique in that it does not use sound or blocks your screen, but instead, uses light cues to represent the current state of your back (and also the rest of your body). Using well-known colors (green, yellow, and red) to symbolize when it’s time to get up, it’s easy to see when you should be helping yourself to a break. Picking up the Back-UP ball and moving it around activates its sensors, shown by the blue color, and, over time, resets the Back-UP to its green state. By then your body has also been reset and you are ready to go back to work.


Back-UP comes with a base with wireless recharging. Just plug it in any socket and you’re good to go. Be it at work or at your desk at home Back-UP will be there helping you keep your back healthy!

Because we might want to get this product patented in the near future you can only get this semesters report, describing the development of Back-up, by writing to ddyrholm(at) Instructors will have it sent over SDU internal email.


Christina SilverWing
Daniel Davidsen
David Dyrholm
Rasmus Elving